About Us

Who we are

We’re newlyweds, Jeff and Alana and we have a burning desire for anything Elevated and Sea views! We live in the Rocky Mountains with a desire to bring our adventures around the world. You’ll find us on snowboards, snowshoes, peaks of mountains, in a tent somewhere or doing some type of water sport. It’s also highly likely you’ll see a beer or cider in our hands! We strongly believe a good view should always be rewarded.


What we bring

On this site, you will find real, raw stories from our adventures. This includes our explorations in the Rocky Mountains and our backpacking trips. We want to share our vision with fellow likeminded, average people who want the real story. We’ll include tips, hiking routes, what to avoid and traveling advice.

Tag along with us to see what peaks we end up on and where we find ourselves swimming!

xo J + A


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Stay tuned if you like fun!