Gili Islands – Bali


If you want to find the most incredible, secluded, magical islands, we know just the ones.  In between Bali and Lombok, Indonesia, there are three tiny islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Each of them have their own vibe. Gili T is a full on party island. Majority of backpackers make their way to this one. It is full of beach bars and hostels. Gili Meno is the Honeymooners island. Much more relaxed and quiet. Gili Air is the perfect combination of both. Not too quiet and still has a fantastic night life. Fun fact about these islands… Mushrooms and Marijuana are legal..Just saying.. Don’t be surprised to see signs for beach bars that include mushrooms on the sign! But this also doesn’t mean that people are tripping out everywhere you go all day long! Besides the party favours, these three islands are a must do when you are in the area. Beware: once you arrive you will not want to leave.. We ended up extending our stay because we simply couldn’t leave.



When you are in Bali you want to head to the town of Padangbai. From here you can choose any fast boat company to get over there. Seriously, you need to do some research. Find the company with the best reviews on TripAdvisor then ask your hotel if they can book you with that company. But keep in mind, their safety standards aren’t the same as western culture. We used Gili Gili Fast Boat for a trip from Bali to Gili T which costed us $60CAD. For the best views you can sit on the top of the boat and be prepared to get soaked!


On each island there are numerous companies to purchase your tickets from right where the boats dock. In between the Gili Islands there is a public fast boat for $2. The boat is open and you can be packed in there with little to no room to move. One tip: Don’t count the life jackets for the amount of people!


Once you arrive on the island, the only mode of transportation is Horse and Buggy or else a bicycle. You’ll want to grab a horse to get to your hotel if it is on the other side because the layout of the islands are pretty confusing. Once you get to your hotel, grab a bicycle to get around! Make sure you get a fat tire bike, makes your life a whole lot easier. The islands do have really good trails to get around though. Gili T is the largest island and it’s diameter is 8kms. It should only take you around a half hour to bike the entire island. This is why it is such an amazing place to run! You’ll see a lot of runners going around the island.



The Gili’s honestly have so much to do. You can fish, snorkel, bike, paddleboard, dive, run, stargazing, sunset watching, do mushrooms and trip out on the beach. Just kidding! The only thing you can’t do is surf. Our favourite thing to do was snorkelling! We were able to see sea turtles! You can take a group tour to find specific areas for the turtles, or you can just go by yourself in the general area and hope for the best like we did. The beaches are filled with soft white sand and the most flawless blue water. Every single angle on these islands belong on post cards.


To us a perfect day on the Gili’s included: Snorkelling in the morning, relaxing on the beach all afternoon, enjoying a beach front dinner to watch the sunset then finish up by laying on the bean bag chairs drinking a Bintang watching the stars. It gives me chills just thinking about it.


The sunset on Gili T is absolutely stunning. It sets over Bali and you are able to see the volcanos in the silhouette. Soo..have you booked your flight to Bali yet?



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