New York City

For my 25th birthday I wanted to go somewhere that Jeff and I both have never been. [Which is hard since we grew up on opposite sides of Canada, he’s traveled to Florida and I’ve traveled to California.] We hopped onto Google Flights and went searching all across the US to see where the best flight deal was. This tacit landed us to The Big Apple!

In my previous post I spoke about how we plan travel routes and I show all the highlights we wanted to hit up in NYC. By doing so we were able to break it out into 3.5 days [which by far is not enough time to spend there!]

What we fell in love with in NYC is how you can do plenty of free sight-seeing, or you can absolutely spend your entire life savings in a weekend. Since we constantly ride a line of #adulting and #YOLO, we managed to find a fun balance of both budget and the opportunity to enjoy true NYC lifestyle.

Here’s some of our highlights/tips and tricks!

If you find yourself in NYC we highly recommend going to the Top of The Rock instead of the Empire State Building. By doing so, you are able to get the entire skyline of New York as well as the iconic Empire State Building in it. To one side of the building is all concrete jungle while the other side is Central Park. It’s astonishing seeing the vast difference of Central Park as to the copious amounts of concrete all over the island.

Luckily during my extensive knowledge reading multiple blogs before we left, I was able to find out that you are able to take a free ferry ride to Staten Island and can see the Statue of Liberty from there. You get a great skyline view as well as seeing the Statue of Liberty. If you want to get up close and personal with her than I would suggest actually going to Liberty Island. Either option you choose will be remarkable to see the way to freedom!

Unfortunately by 2 days we missed the Toronto Blue Jays but still checked out a Yankees game! You can’t miss going to Yankee Stadium! I mean ball game food is the bees knees. I got an extra large pop and the lid was actually a bowl with chicken fingers and fries in it! How convenient haha! If baseball isn’t your thing, they have three NHL, two NFL, two NBA and two MLS teams in the area.. Your options are literally endless at all time of the year!

Get lost. Seriously I cannot stress this enough to you. The architecture in New York is stunning since it is all old mixed with new. You will find an old charming building right next to a state of the art apartment building. It has been the largest city in the US since 1970 and when you are lost in the streets you will be able to feel so small and experience the true beauty of New York!

Coming from a small town in Canada, we have the worst transit ever. One thing we love in large cities is how convenient the subways are. So it’s going to smell, you’ll see rats and you’ll definitely see some weird shit.. but there’s a stop close to nearly every landmark, if not within walking distance, which beats paying for a cab sitting in grid lock traffic.

There you have some of our wonderful experiences we had in NYC! We are still so obsessed with the city and hope to go back to visit again in the future. What are your favorite memories of New York??

Take a look at our GoPro video below! This was one of our first videos so bare with us! hahah always open to criticism and tricks to create/film better.

xo A



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