Vung Tao

Before I dive into this spectacular quaint town in South Vietnam, let me tell you the absolute shit show on how we even got to this place.


We absolutely love traveling in the shoulder seasons. It means that the prices are lower and there are less people, however, it also means that the weather can be unpredictable. Which is a risk we are willing to take. When we went to Vietnam we started in the north and made our way down to the south. Of course we had some beach days planned when we got to Da Nang and Hoi An but the weather was not cooperating with us at all. We checked the weather before we came and thought for sure that we would be lucky enough to sit by the pool to get some sun and get out of the jackets we had to buy in Hanoi as it was way colder than we anticipated. But those damn weather God’s were not in our favour. We checked into this gorgeous beach resort in Hoi An and the wind was howling, rain was the only thing in the forecast and I just started to cry. All I wanted was to soak up some damn sun. Luckily, I have the most amazing husband I could ever ask for.. and we were able to change our flight down to Ho Chi Minh City. This meant we had to cut our stay short in Hoi An (which costed us a stupid still so sad because Hoi An was magical!) Anyways, we asked the Crystal Ball (what my grandpa calls Google) where the closest beach is to HCMC and it gave us some options. Vung Tau was the winner with it’s close proximity of only 2 hours south of the airport.


Since it was our Honeymoon and we created this saying “YOHO – You Only Honeymoon Once” we decided to go all out and stay at the Imperial Hotel. The hotel is influenced by the French during the war and is absolutely stunning. It is so elegant and grand and yet here you have us two bums with our backpacks, snapbacks and two thing’s on our mind..the beach and beer. The Imperial Hotel had a pool in the courtyard and another at the beach. As well as a tennis court which was a lot of fun! Everything about this hotel was immaculate however I’m not going to gush over it.


After spending a day strickly soaking up all the sun possible and drinking all the .50 cent beers we could find, we rented a scooter for two days and did what we do best, got lost. Vung Tao was quiet since it wasn’t summer yet and it was off the path of a lot of backpackers since most head to Phu Cuoc for the beach. Because it is a small town, there wasn’t a lot to see or do, which was a nice break from such a busy schedule. The coast line views and renting a scooter to find the many small beaches were enough for us. There are a lot of restaurants that overlook the ocean which are so stunning. We ate at a Mexican place which the restaurant has stupendous views and we enjoyed the meals so much we went back a second night as well.

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If you manage to get to Vietnam and are looking for a quaint, quiet town with warm weather all year round, make your way to Vung Tau. Rent a scooter, drink all the beer, enjoy the simplicity of life.




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